Performance Management

Three pillars of modern software development performance management

Diff Delta Points

We measure developers' productivity, not their working hours, based on their committed GIT work. It shifts the focus from time spent to tangible outputs, recognizing the unique value and contribution each developer brings.

Technical Assessment

We performa an annual review of developers' skills and then create a customized learning path for each developer to improve relevant skills for your organization. It fosters continuous professional development and ensures your team's skills remain cutting-edge.

Continuous Training

Lifelong learning opportunities are provided based on developers' needs and skills through e-learning platforms. This not only enhances their current capabilities but also equips them with the knowledge and skills necessary for future growth and success in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

How do we measure developers performance?

Diff Delta is a metric specifically designed to track the activity of developers in Git by assigning point values based on the complexity of the changes made to the codebase. This approach ensures a more comprehensive measurement than simply counting lines of code.

Here's how it works

The Diff Delta metric takes into account several key factors such as:

Type of Change
Type of Change

The metric differentiates between adding, modifying, or deleting code. Each type of change implies a different level of complexity and is thus assigned a different point value.

Programming Language Used
Programming Language Used

The nature and complexity of programming languages can vary significantly. Diff Delta accounts for this, ensuring that the measurements are language-agnostic. A developer writing in a more verbose language isn't unfairly advantaged over a developer using a more concise one.

Complexity of Operation
Complexity of Operation

Diff Delta considers the complexity of the operation. More complex tasks carry a higher point value, reflecting the increased effort and skill required to complete them.

By assigning point values based on these factors, the Diff Delta metric provides a more nuanced and accurate representation of a developer’s contributions. Furthermore, the normalization of Diff Delta scores across different programming languages ensures a fair evaluation for all developers, regardless of the programming languages they utilize. This way, we ensure that every contribution, regardless of its nature or the language used, is duly recognized and valued.

A unified approach across various technical stacks that accounts for differences in the technology stack, an ideal setup for IT Operations Teams from small to enterprise-level organizations.
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